New PeaZip Version Is Out, Brings Backend & Frontend Improvements

Free and open source alternative to WinZip and WinRar, PeaZip is now available in version 5.7.2 to all major platforms.

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PeaZip 5.7.2

No doubt PeaZip is a real Swiss army-knife solution to, probably, any archiving problem you may have.

Supporting over 180 different formats, it’s a free, all-in-one tool that will compress, extract, split, join, create and convert almost any file you’d like.

With its latest version – 5.7.2, PeaZip can now do even more.

PeaZip 5.7.2 New Features

  • Backend
    • PeaZip can now extract RAR5 format using 7z (default) or UNRAR plugin.
    • Added support for creation of split self-extracting archives.
  • Frontend
    • Improved file / archive browser sorting.
    • Updated bredcrumb bar displaying in-archive paths for easier browsing.
  • Bugfixes are also included in this release as well.

Download & Install

PeaZip can be obtained as either a self installing file, source code or a portable version which requires no installation and can simply run from any location on your file system.

In addition, Linux / BSD users also get to choose between a Qt based or a GTK based variant of the tool, so plenty of choices here that’s for sure.

In order to obtain PeaZip simply head over to the official website (button below) and download your desired installation file, according to your platform listed on top.

Official PeaZip Website

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