Microsoft, Google, Mozilla And Others Are Joining Forces For Open-Source Media

The leading companies of the Web has decided to forge an alliance in an effort to make media – audio, images and video as a top priority – free as possible.

Updated Sep 18, 2016News
Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Intel, Cisco, Amazon and Netfilx

Yes, you’ve read it correctly, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla and also Intel, Cisco, Amazon and Netfilx have all joined together in order to make royalty- free media a reality.

If they succeed, it means you’ll no longer have to haunt for codecs or compatible media players just so you could relax yourself in front of a nice video, be it streamed or downloaded.

And of course, the same goes for audio and image decoders as well.

It may seem like an easy challenge for these great ones, nonetheless, the ever-changing nature of technology and the Web in particular will assure that the newly forged alliance will have to work hard in order to reach their goal.

And the more so, since at least one notable player (perhaps unsurprisingly) is missing from that alliance. ahm, I wonder who that might be?  

Although it wasn’t too demanding to manage ourselves so far, when regarding to media playback. The future on the other hand might be grimmer in case initiatives such as the herein won’t be successful or initiated in the first place.