3 Basic Highly Useful Android Apps

New users to Android platform as well as experienced ones can often find the large selection on Google Play store a bit overwhelming or intimidating even, a fact which makes it difficult on us to locate & install the app that could serve us best… For the reason above I’ve decided to dedicate this post

Updated Sep 19, 2016Apps
3 useful Android apps

For the reason above I’ve decided to dedicate this post for recommending on a few Android apps I personally make use of as of current. I hope many will find the apps useful and the post helpful.

Let’s begin:

Barcode Scanner

This first app is actually quite trivial for mobile devices, you’ll probably going to find it more and more useful as time goes by and the integration of mobile devices in our life increases.

The reasons I recommend Barcode Scanner app are: it’s straight to the point, does what it’s meant to do well, has a large user base = less buggy, works on a diverse range of devices, etc…

Also, the author seems to care about what users are complaining about and that goes a long way in my book.
barcode scanner

Barcode Scanner

Notepad for Android

Next app I’d like to recommend about is a multipurpose Notepad app which unlike the majority of notepad apps out there it is packed with features.

Whatever you need from a plain text application – Notepad for Android got you covered.

True, some of these features you might not need, one of those features may even annoy you – I advise you to go straight into settings and turn off ‘Remind settings’ if don’t like it – but other than that this app is fantastic!

The reasons I recommend¬†Notepad for Android app are: it’s perhaps the most feature packed notepad app you’ve ever seen, besides creating text, voice and audio notes you can also create photo, video and drawing notes.

It has sharing and synchronizing options and it also allows you to save timely backups whenever you like – highly useful if changing ROMs frequently.

So feel free to give N4A a try:

notepad for android

 Notepad for Android