3 Basic Highly Useful Android Apps

Updated Sep 19, 2016Apps
3 useful Android apps

Shopping list

The last app on this list I want to recommend you about is Shopping list app, whether you shop by yourself or with a partner this app can suit you like a glove.

It has a synchronization option so you could always be in sync with your partner, moreover, it allows you to add prices, pictures and barcodes to items you need to buy.

But what does it for me the most, i.e. the reasons I recommend¬†Shopping list app are: it has backup and restore your data feature (which I think is rare for those apps), it’s customizable but above all:

It has great respect for your privacy – another rare feature which is scarce nowadays not only on shopping list apps but on the vast majority of them all.

If you are familiar with long lists of permissions you’re prompted to grant in order to install apps you like then this is going to surprise you, for real, you got to see it for yourself, I couldn’t believe it either.

No doubt that this privacy feature has really stolen my heart, it might steal yours too, so it’s little heads up warning here.

shopping list

Shopping list