Check Out Ardis New Icon Theme for KDE – Delicious

Looking to beautify your desktop? Ardis new icon theme might be exactly what you need…

Updated Sep 30, 2016Customization

If you like to have your Linux desktop not only functional but also eye-catching at the same time, try enhancing it with a beautiful icon theme for starters.

Ardis New Icon Theme

Ardis combines flat, square and circle icons into a delicious looking icon pack theme. The theme seems to blend very well on a KDE system in my experience, yet GNOME users (and all the rest of course) are certainly welcome to try it on as well.

According to the author, the icon theme was influenced by Numix utouch icon theme, Simple icon theme and his own other work Flamini icon theme.

It’s great to see how open source community can not only collaborate with one another but also inspire each other to produce great work, which ultimately is available for us all to enjoy of.

ardis snapshot

Download & Install

Downloading Ardis can be done in a few different ways, either:

  1. Purchasing the content in order to support the author (this is considered as a donation by the author – “I don’t sell theme, purchase option is here just for donation reason, you don’t need to pay anything ever, period.”)
  2. Use a link which redirects you to a free download page via an adfly service (if you can try to comply to the author request and “please disable your adblock before downloading”)
  3. In case you’re on Ubuntu or one of its derivatives, there’s a PPA available for installation along with instructions on the download page.

All of the above options are linked via the following:

Download Ardis