Android’s App of the Week (#4): Tinder

Tinder is a great app for those who are looking for a new way to meet new people. Actually, you may even say it’s a hi-tech alternative solution for speed dating, you know, that thing where you get to talk to other people and eventually if there’s a “click” you can go on a date.

Updated Sep 29, 2016Apps

Well, Tinder is practically offering you just that, but not only.

How Tinder works

Once you’ve installed Tinder on your device, all you got to do is open it up, then Tinder, by using your Facebook account information, will track potential nearby mates for you to connect with.

After a moment or so will pass (depends on your connection speed), Tinder will present you with photos and some relevant information, so you can make the call – whether you like to know the person you see or shall you pass on him/her.  In practice this means you can swipe the photo to left side of the screen if you wish to pass or to the right side in case you like what you see.

The suggestions Tinder offers you are mostly relying on mutual interests or friend/s both you and the other person are acquainted with. Once a match has been found, i.e. a person you like, likes you back, Tinder will suggest and enable you to chat in-app with that other person for free. how cool is that? ;-P

Note that in any case whatsoever Tinder will not reveal whether you “liked” or “passed” on another person, so your secret is safe.

How Tinder works


The things you must have in-order to use and fulfill Tinder’s potential are:

  1. Facebook account
  2. Internet connection

If you’re interested in checking it out, Tinder is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone) via the respective following links.

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