Facebook Presents: Instant Games – Play Without Install

A new feature is becoming gradually available on Facebook’s News Feed and Messenger.

Nov 30, 2016News

Starting today, Facebook releases a new gaming experience that makes it possible for users “to easily discover, share, and play games without having to install new apps”.

The feature, called Instant Games (IG), offers some of the most notorious game titles used to be around at the ’80s and ’90s when arcade gaming fashion first entered our lives. Games such as: PAC-MAN, Galaga, SPACE INVADERS, EverWing and more.

Upon playing a game, people inside the Messenger conversation will be able to see your score and will have the opportunity to challenge you back. Conversely, games appearing in Facebook News Feed will let you play solo or challenge friends back in Messenger.

How to Play Instant Games?

To access IG on Facebook Messenger, a new game controller icon which is located just below where you type messages should become available, click on the icon and select the game you want to play.

On Facebook’s News Feed, IG will be accessible through a news item containing a “Play” button related to the item (see images below).


Access Facebook Instant Games on Messenger


Access Facebook Instant Games on News Feed

To the curious among you, in order to deliver us all that fun Facebook is making use of HTML5 technology allowing games to run in a special “web view” mode, thus making it easier on developers to create games that can run across multiple platforms, so you can enjoy it whether you’re on Android, iOS or the Web.

IG is currently available in 30 countries for Android v5 or later and iOS v8 or later.