Dolphin Zero: browse the web with the highest level of privacy

Dolphin is a cross-platform, lightweight web-browser mainly focused on having the best mobile experience possible for both Android and iOS devices. Dolphin Zero is a variant of Dolphin (just like Coca-Cola Zero is a variant of Coca-Cola ;-) ) which utilizes its power and beauty but unlike Dolphin, it’s main focus is solely private browsing.

Updated Sep 29, 2016Apps
Dolphin Zero

dolphin private browser

So what does Zero has to bring to the table that regular Dolphin don’t?

Dolphin Zero’s features

  • Aggressive shredder – Automatically deletes any traces from your browsing.
  • Do Not Track – A functionality that keeps Zero from collecting:
    • Browser History
    • Form Data
    • Input Data
    • Passwords
    • Cached Data and Files
    • Favicons
    • User Address Book
    • Cookies
    • Location Information

Clearly, if privacy is an important issue to you then you should give Dolphin Zero a try, especially in light of recently exposed facts about spying agencies using mobile devices to track people and collect data on them.

You can download and install Zero on Android devices through the Google play market (click on the Dolphin icon below). An iPhone version is nonexistent yet, though something tells me it would be out soon enough, so iOS owners try to keep patience in the meantime.

dolphin zero download