Firefox Celebrates 10 Years: Shows Off New Technology, Browser & Features!

Mozilla Firefox celebrates 10 years to its initial public release and has very exciting news to share with open source lovers all over the world.

Updated Sep 18, 2016News
Firefox celebrates 10

It was a bit over ten years ago (Nov 9, 2004) when the first version of Firefox was released – Firefox 1.0 web browser.

Since then, the open source browser has come a long way, and became one of the most popular browsers in the world.

To mark the special occasion, Firefox team has decided to show off some of the new stuff they’ve been working on lately, and here’s what they got:

Demoing New Technology

It’s no secret that modern browsers, Firefox among them, are working hard nowadays to make the web a more essential part of our daily lives.

It’s also no secret that they’ve been improving web technology and its general capabilities to reach certain goals that were determined beforehand.

One of their goals is to bring widely used applications, including games, into the web platform and make them run as smooth and close to native as possible.

The following image shows me playing: Angry Bots – a demo example of a top down shooter game exported from Unity 5 game engine – inside Firefox of course.

Angry Bots in firefox

If you’d like to see more demos and even try some yourself, check out:

Demo Studio

Releases Browser Tailored For Developers

Aside from new technology targeted at the average end users and their activities, this 10th anniversary also doesn’t neglect to benefit the developers community -the people who are behind the rich web contents and experiences.

Thats why Firefox has released a new edition of its browsers specifically tailored to developers needs.

Firefox developers edition

Download is available via:

Firefox Developers Edition

Shows Off New Planned Features

Finally, also in honor of its 10th anniversary, Firefox’s vice president Johnathan Nightingale has announced a special release of Firefox is coming and revealed some of the new features it’ll include.

forgetAmongst its most noticeable features are:

  • Adding DuckDuckGo as a pre-installed search option.
  • Adding a new Forget feature to Firefox. (image to the side / above)
  • Adding a new tour which will walk you through some of Firefox’s privacy options.


And that’s about it for now.