GNOME 3.14 Released, So What’s New?

GNOME 3.14 was released recently (24th of September – right on schedule), and is bringing some new features into the table, let’s check it out.

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GNOME 3.14

The 3.14 version of GNOME Shell can be considered a quite modest one since there aren’t many new features added with this release.

Still, things did change over the last development cycle, and here are their highlights, according to GNOME release notes:

GNOME 3.14 Features Highlights

  • New animations in the Activities Overview, along with new window animations.
  • Automatic handling for Wi-Fi hotspots that require you to login (so called “captive portals”).
  • A redesigned Weather application, which uses geolocation to show the weather for your current location.
  • Support for browsing Google pictures in Photos.
  • Improved touchscreen support, with multi-touch gestures for both the system and applications.


weather 3.14

Besides the above, Arch, Debian and openSUSE users will be pleased to hear that in GNOME 3.14 – Software (the App) – is now supporting their package management protocols as well.

Hence users of these distros should be able to use Software as a replacement for existing package installing / removing methods now on. Great news for GUI lovers

Introducing GNOME 3.14 Demo

Finally, in case you’re interested in a live demo, check out this YouTube video introducing GNOME 3.14 new features along with a nice relaxing music in the background.

So what do you think, do you like GNOME 3.14 new features or not? share your thoughts with us in the comments below…

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Anurag Kumar Sep '14
Does Software support for Debian mean that GNOME Software will work fine on distros such as elementary OS or Ubuntu GNOME?
Liron Sep '14 Anurag Kumar
It might have though not necessarily, since current Ubuntu and derivatives are based on newer Debian versions (than the current stable one, i.e. based on testing or unstable branches of Debian), there can be some incompatibility issues which might cause *Software* to be highly buggy or perhaps even not work at all. The best answer in can tell at this point is that you'll just have to wait and see... In any case, you should note that these (Debian) derivatives aren't supported by the GNOME team as of current.