iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Have A Bending Problem?

New reports suggests that both iPhone 6 and 6 plus might bend in your pocket.

Updated Sep 18, 2016News
iPhone 6 & 6 plus Bending

Although there isn’t any official respond from Apple about the findings yet, videos are starting to appear across the web demonstrating that the issue does exists.

The sales of Apple’s new iPhones had certainly went sky-rocketing since they were first launched last week, breaking all sorts of records along the way, the road to success seemed inevitable.

However, perhaps now that this new interesting findings have been revealed, Apple’s success wagon will be stopped in its tracks?

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Bending Issue

According to many sources across the web, including notorious site MacRumors among them, it seems that there’s a growing trend of reports stating iPhone 6 (& plus) are bending inside owners pockets.

This might sound like a peculiar complaint but when it comes plethora of different users, then perhaps the claim is actually holding water.

To test the issue furthermore, a Canadian YouTuber named Lewis Hilsenteger has decided to upload a video where he tries to bend iPhone 6 plus with his own hands and to not ruin the surprise for you, I’ll tell you what happened below the video.

If you’ve guessed the iPhone would bend then you’ve guessed correct, yet that’s not all what happened to the iPhone.

In a follow-up video, uploaded by the same YouTuber, that meant to compare iPhone’s bending strength next to a Android counterpart, we can see even more interesting results regarding its bending test.

Moreover, watching this you will also get know which is more bending resistant. Here it is:

Conclusions & Advice

My conclusion and advice to you is: this video are well proving that the new iPhone can certainly bend (and even break) upon applying a specific amount of pressure. Whether it’ll surely bend in your pocket is not entirely certain but it might though.

Hence, in case you were thinking of buying a new iPhone, 6 or 6 plus, my advice is try to be patient and wait a little longer for the issue to be sorted out by Apple.

Don’t like to wait? that’s cool too since there are many alternatives across the markets nowadays, you might want to opt for a LG or Sony device, the decision is yours.

In case you’ve already bought one of the herein iPhones, I’d suggests to make sure you have a warranty and that it covers damages such as broken screen and bents in the body of the device.

Another thing you might want to consider is buying an inflexible cover which will help safeguard your iPhone from bents.