The Hobbit – inside your Android / desktop device

Are you a fan of “The Hobbit” series? if you do then you’ll probably be delighted to hear there’s a new Chrome experiment released from Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures (MGM), that brings you the film experience straight into your favorite device. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, netbook or a

Updated Sep 30, 2016News
the hobbit


Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, netbook or a desktop PC, all you need to do is just grab yourself an app from the Google Play market or go directly into the web browser game version and start playing. Live through the Dwarves journey to Erebor and try to outsmart Smaug, but don’t forget to pay a little visit to the nearby locations before you do, just for making the most out the experience.

The Hobbit’s Gameplay Overview

The game itself is quite simple, reminding some early gaming style where you would first choose a location to explore through a full screen map and then, inside the chosen location you’ll need to accomplish the requested assignments, only this time you’re going to have a far better graphics appearance. Each place you go to has its own goals, and when you finish the level you are offered to share your experience via social networks.

Finishing the game would probably take you no more than a couple of hours, but the good news are that the game is still in development, and more locations might be added to later on. So what are you waiting for? go over there and show Smaug what are you made of ;-)

defeat smaug