How To Install SportsDevil on Kodi – Complete Guide (with screenshots) [updated]

See how you can install SportsDevil the Kodi addon which allows you to watch live streaming of sports in addition to other perks it has.

Updated Nov 5, 2017Addons
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Important!  please read troubleshooting section found on page 2 in case you have any questions regarding the addon. Your question may have already been answered.

This post will try to be a complete, short and simple tutorial about how to install SportsDevil Kodi addon.

Installation is meant to be applied on current Kodi versions, whichever version number relevant at the moment.

Install SportsDevil by Downloading its Zip Directly

1. Download SportsDevil zip file:

Download zip file

2. Open up your Kodi and go into “Add-ons” (select it from the main sidebar) then click the opened box icon to the top of the sidebar -> select “Install from zip file”.

Note: if you’re getting a message that you need to enable “Unknown sources” and you’re not sure what to do see: This Is How You Do It On “Krypton” step 4.

Kodi's opened box icon takes you to add-ons manipulation screen

Kodi’s opened box icon takes you to add-ons manipulation screen

Install from zip file entry in Kodi's Estuary skin

Install from zip file entry in Kodi’s Estuary skin

After clicking “Install from zip…”, navigate to the location on your file system where you’ve saved the zip file and click on it to install.

That’s it, return to the main add-ons screen and you’ll find SportsDevil waiting for you inside “Video add-ons”.

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Joel 4 mons ago
Anyone have the URL? I have a fire stick
Rick 8 mons ago

Sports Devil used to have Tennis Channel.  What happened?  Now I select Tennis Channel and garbage appears... aka wrestling.

Why did you change?  It was working so well....not now.

Chris 8 mons ago
sportsdevil is down down
DarkKnight 11 mons ago
Hi.  I live in the US and 1 month ago live link in SD was working on my Android for all the HD channels only.  Now they spin and disappear no message and other add-ons that go through SD say SD error.  What changed? Any suggestions?
CPG718 Mar '17
Still getting "No stream available" no matter what (for about a week now) but other addons like SportsDemon works fine hmmm
Prizm72 Feb '17
Have there been any recent issues. Not able to access any streams
Rick Feb '17
It installs but this sportsdevil addon has never worked.

Click it's links in Kodi and nothing happens, if you're very lucky it might pop up an error saying "No stream"
Liron Feb '17 Rick

I don’t normally like to respond to such generic allegations, but for once I’ll make an exception – a proof of concept that it works:

[This screenshot was taken today from my Kodi 17 "Krypton"]

Not to say that there aren't dead links in SportsDevil, however, there are live ones as well.

Gary R. 11 mons ago Liron
In the picture above, the blue line reaches the far right and cuts out the game off to the 'Link' again where I'll have to select it again to play the game for about another 2 minutes.  Never used to do this when I had Jarvis 16.1
Alan Sep '16
When I get to add source and put in I'm getting an error stating couldn't retrieve directory info. No network or wifi problems exist. Also tried putting in www but no change.
Wilson Bradley Aug '16
Thanks for the tut.. Can you explain or point to video how you use a VPN with Kodi? Is it just a matter of connecting to the VPN in settings on phone and connecting or is there a kodi config?
Mikeaudio May '16
Anyone having any issues viewing Fox Sports 1 and 2 from SportsDevil, then option?
racerxonthe8th May '16
Installed repo. No sportsdevil listed in the video addons section.
swerve May '16
thank you for updating please keep up the good work!
Caroline Apr '16
keeps saying dependencies not met, any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
steve Apr '16
I can't seem to get the recent update. I reinstalled from the repository after a full delete of it and it still won't update. What do I do?
Robert Fanning Apr '16
Still not working I've done everything this has told me but no luck can anyone help????
User123 Mar '16
There is a probrem with installing the Repository The folder is emty If I go directly om there is following error THE PAGE YOU'VE REACHED IS NOT MEANT TO BE ACCESSED VIA THE MEDIUM YOU'RE USING, OR AT ALL.
Liron Mar '16 User123
The repository is fine my friend, that page really isn't supposed to be accessed via the medium you're using. Only through Kodi
User123 Mar '16 Liron
I love Sportsdevil and it's in daily use - I like your work THANK YOU I've read that I should reinstall the repository so I deinstalled it but installing it again the folder was empty Kodi on Windows isn't a problem but on my raspberry pi it doesn't work (network is available)
Liron Mar '16 User123
Ah, I see. Well that I should be able to fix. But I'll need your help - if you could just point your Kodi on the Pi to this address the same way you would with the iwf suffix (add source in kodi) - then I could see the problem. Don't look for anything there since it'll be empty (it's just for testing). I've opened that port for the next couple of days, feel free to access when you're able to. Currently there's no way for direct download of the repository zip, but SportsDevil direct as zip is available.
User123 Apr '16 Liron
ok - I did it just now 5 min ago 09:33 AM (MESZ) Thank You for your help
Liron Apr '16 User123
Alright, your Pi should work now friend. Please verify "Thank You for your help" No problem :)
User123 Apr '16 Liron
every thing great - thank you
Dave Mar '16
Hi, I have installed SportsDevil and get the Icon etc but get the message 'Web request failed' on every stream/link? Any idea why? Thanks
Eldiablorojo Mar '17 Dave
I do too
Patricia Lalegian-Campbell Mar '16
when I go to install it doesn't give me the option for install button? why is that and how do I fix?
Hello @patricialalegiancampbell:disqus Have you read the troubleshoot section?
William Mar '16
I get dependencies not met any ideas?
ajaxx Feb '16
addon sportsdevil incompatible with kodi for pc
Suhandy Feb '16
3. Next, go into Install from repository (on Kodi versions lower than 15 its: Get Add-ons) >> SportsDevil repository >> Video Add-ons, click to enable SportsDevil. i go into Install from repository but can't found SportsDevil repository i'll already installed the addon and appear on my video addon but still no stream available error appeared please help thanks
Liron Feb '16 Suhandy
Repeat the actions that lead to the error and send me the log please:
Thewisertime Feb '16
Installed from zip file and looks like loading but get a iwf in circle instead of sportsdevil head. Won't show up in video add ons. Tried 50 times and unistalled 4 times to reinstall to same problem. Need help
Muhammad Kadwa Jan '16
File isn't showing up in the repo..And trying to install using zip file is only yielding 'depencies not met' error.. Any idea how to get it to work?
Yu Kuchiki Jan '16
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