Meet UNTV – Is this The Next XBMC Killer?

UNTV is a different kind of Popcorn Time fork you’re just going to fall in-love with. Unlike PT which basically focuses on the PC-user’s experience, UNTV is a Media Center solution in the lines of XBMC. Does controlling your media center with your cellular sounds compelling to you? how about controlling it through any device with

Updated Sep 18, 2016Apps

Does controlling your media center with your cellular sounds compelling to you? how about controlling it through any device with a browser / Internet access on it?

Yeah, I know, XBMC can do that too but it doesn’t comes with this feature built-in and ready for use out-of-the-box does it?

Of course that’s not the only feautre UNTV can be proud of, here’s a list of its major features:

UNTV Features Highlights

  • Instant BitTorrent streaming
  • Watch TV shows
  • Local video library
  • Subtitles are at your disposal – currently in 15 different languages including: French, Spanish, German, Russian etc…
  • Controllable via any Internet accessible device
  • Free and Open Source
  • DRM-Free Forever (no digital rights management. no restrictions. no snooping)

For those of you who are visiting iWillFolo on a regular basis BitTorrent streaming would be nothing new when it comes to media centers (XBMC).

However, once again this is another feature offered you as implemented in advance, thus liberating you from the burden of installing it by yourself.

UNTV remotely controlled

What You shouldn’t Expect from UNTV?

Although it is fast pacing into a complete fully featured media center solution, there are still some features UNTV doesn’t carry with it, and those are:

  • Music –  if you want to listen to your music files – it’s currently not supported.
  • Weather – it doesn’t have the weather feature that XBMC has.
  • Addons – no addons / extensions utilization is available at the moment.

Another thing you probably should note is that some browsers may not cope well with it, I tried controlling it through Firefox initially but there was no reaction, as soon as I switched to Android built-in browser, things worked flawlessly.

So remember, this is a project which is only beginning to blossom and perhaps it could even use your help. So check out its Github page (link below) and in case you have the skills – inquire how you can be of service.

After all that’s the beauty of open source projects (the collaboration).

Download & Install

UNTV should work on almost any kind of computer you’d like, be it one of those “Home Theater Computers” or any regular other.

It also works on the 3 major platforms i.e. Windows, OS X and Linux. So all you have left to do is just download and install, you know what? actually just download and extract, it comes prebuilt for you. (source available too)

Downloads are available here for all 3 platforms.

UNTV on desktop