Install ‘Toddler World TV’ Kodi Addon

Parents with children ages 1 – 3 will find Kodi has nice addons to offer you too.

Updated Sep 19, 2016Addons

If you’re happen to be a parent to a young toddler and be any chance looking for some high quality content – the following addon is a must have for you.

Toddler World TV Kodi addon has short videos full of educational, high quality content which suits developing young children perfectly.

Furthermore, thanks to one of Kodi’s best features you can chain the videos into a playlist choosing whether Kodi should shuffle or repeat the videos as you see fit.


TWTV: make a playlist, choose whether to shuffle and / or repeat

How To Install TWTV?

In this guide we’ll be using SuperRepo repository which is perhaps the largest Kodi repository in the world, if you don’t have it yet – here’s how you install SuperRepo.

1. Navigate into SYSTEM >> Add-ons >> Install from repository.

kodi system

Enter Kodi’s system settings

kodi addons

Enter kodi’s addons settings

Kodi install from repository

Kodi install from repository

2. Go into SuperRepo All [YOUR-VERSION] >> Video add-ons >> click to install Toddler World TV.

Kodi SuperRepo - install from repository

SuperRepo All – inside ‘Install from repository’

SuperRepo: Video add-ons

SuperRepo: Video add-ons

SuperRepo video add-ons: enable Toddler World TV

SuperRepo video add-ons: enable Toddler World TV

That’s it! Now that the addon is installed you can open it just like any other video addon – by  navigating (from home-screen) into VIDEOS > Video Add-ons  and select the addon you’re looking for.