Looking For A Secure Messaging Application Somewhat Similar To Skype? Meet Tox

Tox is a free (as in liberty and price) peer to peer, distributed, multimedia messenger that lets you connect with friends and family without anyone else listening in.

Updated Sep 18, 2016Apps

In an age where privacy is increasingly becoming a rare commodity, it may delight you to learn of a new application that strives to reverse the current.

Unlike other messaging apps out there, which also boasts at being safe and secure, Tox has one thing that the vast majority simply hasn’t: Decentralization!

While the rest of the well known messaging apps nowadays are using a centralized service, i.e usually a server, through which all of the information being sent is passing through.

Tox, on the other hand, uses a dispersed networking technology which distributes the data among peers in order to supply you with the same capabilities.

Of course, besides distributing the information being sent through it, Tox also makes sure to encrypt it as well, much likely, keeping you safe from the watchful eye of monitoring organizations.

Aside from that, Tox also provides several other features which you might expect from a messaging app:

Tox Messaging Features

  • Lets you send text messages and files.
  • Make Tox to Tox audio and video calls.
  • Create groups.
  • Tox works on multiple platforms.
  • Tox is completely free.

Tox groupchat

So, as you can see Tox does have a lot to offer, however, despite its security superiority there’s no guarantee that Tox will become the next ‘WhatsApp’ or ‘Skype’.

Since, ultimately, its popularity is dependant of people awareness to the risk they’re taking in giving up their privacy, often in return for a shiny set of features or a polished interface, which are transitory.

Download Tox

As said above, Tox is a cross platform software and currently runs on the following platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux and Android.

Note that the app is still under development and bugs may be encountered.

If you find one, don’t be shy to report it and contribute your part to the project. After all, the developers have gone through leaps and bounds just for you:

“Tox’s goal is to get secure messaging in the hands of everyone because we feel it’s necessary in a world where our privacy is often overlooked; which means our efforts are free of charge with absolutely no strings attached. There are no advertisements; you are not the product and absolutely no data is collected from our users. We are here for altruistic purposes, which is why we rely on the community to help us make Tox better.”

Download Tox- Secure Instant Messanger