Meet Chrome Extension DuckieTV – Helps You Track & Watch Your Favorite TV-Shows

DuckieTV is going to assists you in watching all of your favorite TV-shows, so that you won’t miss a single episode and you can also opt for connecting it to your local torrent client. Allow me to introduce you to DuckieTV – it’s an extension for Google Chrome and also Opera which “takes care of

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Allow me to introduce you to DuckieTV – it’s an extension for Google Chrome and also Opera which “takes care of TV-Show addicts by providing a personalized TV-Show calendar”.

But providing a calendar is only a small part of what Duckie does, based on the same technology we’ve seen in some torrent streaming apps such as, Popcorn-Time and XBMCtorrent, Duckie can also – track, download, stream, auto-download and fetch episodes rating of all your favorite TV-shows.

An experimental ChromeCast integration even provides the possibility to stream videos to your TV while still downloading. Awesome!

Furthermore, beyond all of DuckieTV’s technological capabilities, what’s really catches my attention is the author attitude towards his project, it’s starts with:


and continues

I do not want your money, I do this in my spare time for fun and to make my own life and that of other’s easier…

Whenever a project has a noble cause such as: making life of other people easier, and is also backed by good sense of privacy care, you know the project is simply worth checking out.

In this case if you define yourself as a TV addict (though, not limited to), I have much confident you’ll find Duckie to your likings.

Install DuckieTV

As said above, Duckie is an extension for both Chrome and Opera, for Chrome it’s available under 2 different plugin modes:

  1. DuckieTV ‘New Tab mode’: Installs itself as your new tab page.
  2. DuckieTV ‘Browser Action mode’: Adds a button next to your address bar.

For Opera it’s currently available under ‘Browser Action mode‘.

As of current DuckieTV supports 11 languages. (English, Deutch, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本, 한국어, Nederlands, Purtugese, Русский, Svenska, 简体中文 )

Duckie’s website