Stream Movies & TV-Shows to your Mobile Device using Popcorn TimeApp

Updated Sep 18, 2016How To's
Popcorn-Time Android

Check out how you can install the torrent media streaming app Popcorn Time for Android on your device and enjoy the great benefits it brings along.

As you may remember Time4Popcorn and Popcorn-Time share a lot of similarities with one another, yet besides having lots of similar features they also have their differences as well.

One of the most prominent differences between them is the fact Time4Popcorn is offering a Android variation of the popular app while Popcorn-Time don’t. (As of time of writing)

So, if in fact there is a Popcorn-Time instance for Android devices (and there is), the only question remains is how can you go about installing it and enjoy video streams on your device?

Install Popcorn-Time For Android

The simplest way to install PT on any of your Android devices is simply go into Time4Popcorn website, download the Android apk installer file (should be automatically offered to you, or at the page bottom) and when the download finishes, just use the built-in Android installer to complete the task.

Note: you might want to “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”, located inside Settings >> Security before you do that.

If for some reason the installation doesn’t work for you this way, you can also opt for using a apk app installer such as Easy Installer after you’ve downloaded the file.

The end result of course is that you’re now able to use the great technology that PT brings in order to stream videos to your Android device.

Lastly, here’s a video for your amusement introducing “Popcorn Time and Android Together at Last!”