Are you ready for PC-BSD 10?

A new PC-BSD 10 image came out recently and this time it’s the 2nd RC of the upcoming stable release.  PC-BSD is a FreeBSD based distro which has not long ago turned into a rolling release distro, this means you can get all the latest packages just by updating your repositories and there’s no need

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This post is about the 2nd RC of PC-BSD, there’s a new post about PC-BSD 10 release version, check it out.

pcbsd desktop

Many BSD advocates believes that the upcoming stable release of the 10th version just might be the long awaited turning point in the open source race between Linux and BSD operating systems.

It is no secret that both Linux and BSD OSs are based upon similar lines of design more or less adhering to the UNIX philosophy approach, both are also free and open source softwares, thus naturally being in a competitive state for the same slot inside the user’s heart.

So what does PC-BSD 10 is planning to bring to the table? well, here are some of its supposed notable features:

PC-BSD 10 feature highlights

  • New desktops! Gnome 3, Mate (Replaces Gnome2) and Cinnamon
  • Based upon FreeBSD 10
  • New text-based installer
  • New UEFI loader on installation media
  • Updated KMS / AMD driver support
  • And much more


Whether the next PC-BSD version is going to close the gap with popular Linux distros or not, it is remained to be seen. However we’ll make sure to keep an for any upcoming news regarding it.


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