TVaddons is Down, Major Win To All Media Mega Corporations Throughout The World

TVaddons – the renowned website for third-party Kodi addons, repositories and developers network has abruptly shut down.

Updated Jun 15, 2017News
TVADDONS shut down

Speculations are running wild regarding the sudden disappearance of worldly known TVaddons and all the 3rd-party addons backed by it.

Some suggest that it was taken offline or seized by law enforcement agencies due to legal trouble. Others are saying that it is simply part of a greater move to revamp the site and its offerings, justifying it by pointing that if the site were to be seized than its repository would go offline too.

As of current however, it seems that the site including its repository are no longer online. Yet that doesn’t necessarily implies it was seized either, since usually in cases of seizure, the law enforcement agency would leave a notice resembling the notice left on official Kodi’s website on last April.

Why Now?

TVaddons’ shutting down together with many other 3rd-party Kodi addons and repositories is coming not long after the news of UK’s new law, which may sentence violators for up to 10 years in prison, was published.

The law seem to have given a refreshing back wind to all intellectual property rights organizations to act upon, especially in the UK. Nevertheless its ripples are being carried throughout the entire world, as you can probably feel by now.

As other, somewhat related, bills were passed in the U.S. regarding Internet neutrality and its openness, it looks like we’re currently heading towards a new era where the significance of the Internet is going to be lessen in favor of mega corporations and media conglomerates.

Of course, the big corporations would love to wave the card of individual creators who are being hurt by some of these acts (and addons), and they’d be right to say so. However, on the other hand taking a mass of population captive for paying inflated prices to relentless monopolies isn’t quite a better option either.

At the end of the day, until some sort of compromise, that would work in favor of all sides would be reached, it’s probably safe to assume that in the future this cat and mouse game will repeat itself.