SuperRepo Repository Is Being Deprecated, Here’s How To Upgrade

SuperRepo, one of the largest if not the largest, Kodi addons repository is going through a major overhaul nowadays and in the process, the old repository is being forsaken in favor of a newer one.

Updated Feb 24, 2017Addons
SuperRepo upgrade

As you may have noticed, some of iWillFolo’s Kodi tutorials are relying upon SuperRepo to provide installable add-ons for the sake of setups where freely browsing the Internet and downloading zip files isn’t possible.

Hence, it is highly advised that readers who used IWF’s tutorials, specifically those who used SR for installing addons, will read the following and act accordingly.

Upgrade SuperRepo

Note: this upgrade is meant for users who already have one of the older versions of SR (prior to version 0.7 / v7) installed. If you don’t have SR installed yet and wish to install it please use SR official guide instead.

In order to upgrade SR, the first thing you’ll need is to know which Kodi version are you running at the moment.

For that, we shall open up Kodi and navigate from the home-screen into System info (under SYSTEM), there we’ll be able to see the version number which we’re running.

kodi system info

kodi version

If you’re unsure what’s the codename for your specific version number, you may verify it here.

Now that we know which Kodi version do we use, we can begin the upgrade.

1. From home-screen, navigate into SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install from zip file.

kodi system

kodi add-ons

install from zip

[ If you’ve followed IWF’s tutorials in the past then you should see SuperRepoAll remote folder over there. ]

2. Go inside that SuperRepoAll folder and inside it choose the Kodi codename that corresponds to your version number (in the image examples below I use Helix).

Kodi install from SuperRepoAll

kodi superrepo helix

3. Select repositories > superrepo and click the zip file that’s inside it.

superrepo repositories

superrepo repositories superrepo

superrepo helix repositories zip

4. Now click the X button to the top left of the pane and go into Get Add-ons > SuperRepo Repositories [codename][v#] > Add-on repository and in there choose the repositories you like to enable, then click on it.

kodi get addons

get addons superrepo helix

select superrepo repos

That’s it, the repositories you’ve enabled should contain most of the same addons you had using the older SR repositories.

Addons which aren’t found inside the new repos had either been deprecated or are perhaps no longer compatible with your version of Kodi (or perhaps you’ve found a bug).

Therefore, you may want to retain your older SR repositories a bit longer, until they’ll become completely obsolete.

Remember, if an addon you’re using isn’t found on the newer SR repos, there might be a chance that its zip file is still kept here on IWF. So try running a search for that addon on this website and see if it’s still here.

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Iy 8 mons ago
Looks like it's dead 
Unhappy In Texas 9 mons ago
Cannot install Super Repo, will load into repository folder but will not install. Krypton build version
Jo-Anne 9 mons ago
Hello all,  It's now June 11, 2017.  Cannot connect to Super Repo.  Any luck?  Confused trying to install Phoenix and a couple of others.  Still in list for Super Repo.  However, not working.  Author is tvaddons however it is no longer in their list...
Guest 9 mons ago Jo-Anne
Law suit just took down
Guest 9 mons ago Guest
Tvaddons took themselves offline nothing to do with lawsuit 
Mariska Mar '17
All updates super repo not working cant instal enything from super repo
rocky Feb '17
I have tried a fresh load on Fire TV Sticks using in both Jarvis and Krypton, in both rec'd "could not connect to repository" error. This has gone on for almost three weeks, with no notice of what the problem is, or an acknowledgment that it even exists. One thing, I'm glad about is that others are having the same problem, I thought it was just me, or that I was being targeted because I've been providing loaded sticks to friends, about 4-5 per week over the last year and a half. how's that for paranoia, lol.
Vinod Feb '17
Get error "Could not connect to repository"
Dave Feb '17
Same problem here using Android and Kodi 17
Dale Feb '17
Me either since 2/11/17
fred Feb '17
cant connect to super repo
mark 6 mons ago fred
Guest 4 mons ago mark
the same error is holding on