How to clear Kodi’s addons cache the manual way

This post will guide you how to clear Kodi addons cache in order to maintain a healthy and slim system which may also be less prone for misbehavior and bugs.

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Kodi manually clear cache

Sometimes when we use our addons in Kodi some of them may not play well at certain occasions.

It’s not uncommon to encounter a situation where cached addon data is the root cause for those undesirable issues we may have.

Besides that, clearing cached data once in a while can be overall healthy and slimming habit for our systems.

So how can we go about doing that the right and most straightforward way possible? check it out:

Clearing Addons Cache Manually

To clear Kodi addons cache, simply go to the specific addon folder which you wish to clean, the path to that folder is dependent on the platform you’re on.

Note, in older versions of the software (before v14) the kodi directories were named xbmc.

Windows usersc:Users"you"AppDataRoamingKodi


Start - type %APPDATA%kodiuserdata - press <Enter>

Linux users~/.kodi/userdata/

Mac users/Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/

Kodi addon data Kodi addon cache

Once you’re inside that folder, you’ll see the addons directories that you have installed on Kodi.

Go inside the addon directory you wish to clean and look for a folder named cache (see image example) – you may delete it entirely (don’t worry, the addon will automatically create it again when needed).

Or you may delete part of its contents – it’s up to you.

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