TVAddons Team Releases Official Statement Regarding Their Kodi Repositories Risk Status

Is keeping older TVAddons repository puts you at risk? and should you still keep them?

Sep 17, 2017News
TVAddons Kodi Repositories Risk Status

Those of you who have been following the recent events circulating one of the biggest 3rd-party Kodi repositories – TVAddons – are probably well aware by now that it was taken down for a certain period of time and then, as if out of the blue, surfaced up again.

However, one thing that didn’t return to its former form is the old TVAddons domains, that is and, which are to this day being held by a non governmental lawyer firm.

Due to the way the entire story has evolved, it was therefore recommended to all users of the former TVAddons repositories – those that points to the old domains – to remove them immediately from their Kodi boxes in order to remain away from harm’s way in case the current domain holder, or possibly one that may come after him, shall take advantage of the domains and the users whom their Kodi boxes constantly connect to them.

Apparently, the issue has finally reached TVAddons team who decided to put an end to the rumors revolving around the status of their old domains:

“This law firm that is holding our domains is not the law firm who is suing us. […] They have a legal obligation to protect our property at all cost, and prevent anyone (especially the law firm who is suing is) from gaining access to them.”

The team therefore is refuting the possibility that any user of the old repositories/domains might be at any risk due to the latter currently being held by a different owner. Further strengthening that notion, the team adds:

“private companies cannot setup sting operations against private individuals using backdoors.”

This should come has a great relief to all users who have been worried about the matter, due to not removing the older repository off your Kodi setup, and to those who have removed it only after the domain was transferred to the lawyer firm.

Nevertheless, TVAddons team also doesn’t neglects to mention that since the plaintiffs are having a right for an appeal, it may thus take between 8 to 15 months until the domains shall be returned to their original owner, granted such an appeal would be overruled of course, which at this point, the team says, the domains would be pretty much useless.