Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 Live Stream for Free Using XBMC SportsDevil!

Want to watch the 2014 World Cup (Mondial) streamed live into your XBMC machine without paying a dime?  With SportsDevil addon you can! plus other types of sports are available too.

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Disclaimer: the following might be illegal in your country, attempt at your own risk!

There are many solutions out there to watch live streams of sports for free, most of them include you, literally, scanning the web looking for a website that offers you a link to a mirror which streams the current game.

Some of these websites you encounter, are oftenly turning out to be – simply annoying scams, tricking you to click on a link just to get you to another website, eventually ending up never seeing what you came for in the first place.

Well, how about this time, instead of you going through all that hassle every time you want to watch a live game stream, you’ll just make a small effort once and from there onwards you’ll have peace of mind knowing that whenever there’s a game broadcast – It will come to you.

Sounds nice right? Ok, so enough with the talking, let’s get practical.

Installing SportsDevil (PC)

Before we start, make sure you have the following already installed

  • XBMC
  • librtmp / rtmpdump (Linux users)

Now that you have everything needed, it’s time to install the addon

Update: The 3 steps below are for XBMC version 12 “Frodo”, for XBMC 13 “Gotham” download this file:, extract and copy into XBMC’s addon folder:Android:  Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/addons/
iOS:  /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/addons/
Linux:   ~/.xbmc/addons/
Mac OS X:   /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/XBMC/addons/
OpenELEC:   /storage/.xbmc/addons/
Windows:   Users<your_user_name>AppDataRoamingXBMCaddons


1. Download SportsDevil using the following link: SportsDevil.
2. Now open up your XBMC and go into System >> Settings >> Add-ons, select “Install from zip file“, navigate into the folder where you’ve downloaded SportsDevil and select it to install.
3. Return to the home-screen (using the home icon at the bottom right or the back arrow) and go into Videos >> Video Add-ons >> Get More…   choose SportsDevil from the list to enable it.

That’s it, now you can navigate from the home screen to SportsDevil (through video addons) and there you’ll find dozens of sports channels and live streaming networks just waiting for you to click and watch.

France vs Jamaica

Install On TV (non PC devices)

Installing SportsDevil on a XBMC box which doesn’t allow you to surf the web and download the needed source file is also pretty simple as well, however it is a bit longer to explain.

In order to keep this post short and at the same time supply you with a great guide on how to install SD, I’ve decided to make a separate complete guide on how to install SportsDevil on XBMC.


BTW, if you’re looking for a way to control XBMC remotely, no matter whether it’s on your computer or as a media-center, this might be of great use for you – Control XBMC using your Smartphone.

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Sau Paulo Jun '14
Hi, Thanks for the post about World Cup. Just a tip about those who don't live in countries that stream world cup online. You can use UnoTelly to remove the geoblock and stream World Cup 2014 in your country free
Matt Wilkie Jun '14
I've successfully installed SportsDevil on boxee-xbmc, and get use it to get to the hundreds of stations/feeds/whatever for sports, but which ones actually have the World Cup games?? In the forums I see reference to "F.T.V" and "I.T.V" but so far don't see them in the lists. Would.someone please add some more detail? Thanks!
Eric Jun '14 Matt Wilkie
in Sports Devil->Live Sports->>Football From here it will show ESPN and other links to the actual upcoming games down below. click on one of these and it will list about 12 links. usually you can get one of the first 3 links to work. The links near the bottom are usually in French or some other language so keep trying until one works. So many people are using them that some of the links get over-run and the quality is marginal. Hope that helps and enjoy the games!
spectroman Jun '14
latest 13.2 Gotham
Liron Jun '14 spectroman
just tried gotham and you're right, it works fine with frodo though... I'll check for an alternate solution ASAP BTW: brazil 1, croatia 0
spectroman Jun '14 Liron
yeah, first goal is from BRAZIL, against LOL but it is funny, im in Netherlands, at regular TV NL1 the game has a few minutes delay, watching from FTV (ITV1+1 UK) is has almost 1hr delay LOL, very freaky.
Liron Jun '14 spectroman
good luck tomorrow vs Spain ;)
Liron Jun '14 spectroman
Just updated with a plugin suitable for Gotham, thought you might want to know...
spectroman Jun '14 Liron
thanks, but I am Brazilian! LOL
Liron Jun '14 spectroman
you're from Brazil? what are you doing in Netherlands at the same time of the World Cup? LOL Btw, the post was updated it should work on Gotham now...
spectroman Jun '14 Liron
yeah, im here for 6yrs now... I will test and let you know how it goes... cheers! btw: to whom ur heart goes to? in the world cup that is..
Liron Jun '14 spectroman
Actually I don't have a favourite this time, just looking to see some nicely played matches
spectroman Jun '14
Does not work .. the add on appear as incompatible
Liron Jun '14 spectroman
works fine for me, what platform are you on?