Xposed For Nougat? Not So Fast

The famous Xposed framework is said to be available for Android 7 and 7.1, but the original author has reservations.

Updated Sep 8, 2017News
Xposed for Nougat Android 7

One of Android’s most useful features made by 3rd-party developers is the Xposed framework.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Xposed framework can be depicted as the base layer one may install on an Android device in order to get all the features Google has commonly restricted users from having. Features such as: enabling YouTube playback in background and enable call recording on Android are just a couple of such examples.

While all of that goodness was at the reach of anyone with a rooted Android device, those of us who have upgraded to Android’s 7th version (“Nougat”) found that this is no longer the case.

As Xposed’s original author, known as rovo89, explains,

“With Nougat, something fundamental has changed. […] APKs aren’t compiled immediately (AOT), but start in (slower) interpreting mode.

That results in various different compilation states and more complexity.

So yes, I’m still working on Nougat support, whenever my free time allows it, but I don’t have any idea when it will be done. Once it’s done, you’ll know.”

Realizing that it’s going to take some time, some folks in the community (namely PurifyOS Team) have released their own, unofficial Xposed version, based on rovo89’s previous versions with slight modifications.

Having tested it myself, I can unfortunately report that it didn’t work for me and I had to install Android on my device again after it got stuck in a boot loop.

According to rovo89, what PurifyOS Team did resulted in a “incomplete port that will often fail to fulfill the API contract” meaning, it may work but be unstable or it may not work at all (as in my case).

To those of you who do want to try PurifyOS Team’s port despite it’s shortcomings and the reasonable chance it may not work for you at all, here‘s were you can get it.

To the more patient users among you, there are also some good news. A few weeks ago rovo89 reported that he is nearing completing the official Xposed for Nougat version.

“The good news is that I’m really getting closer now, having finally flashed it to my Pixel phone. […] I think it’s totally worth the wait. Thanks for your patience!”

That was a few weeks ago, so, hopefully this means we’ll have a stable, official Xposed version, compatible with Nougat (and beyond) soon enough.