Android’s App of the Week (#2): AppLock

Say goodbye to your mobile privacy concerns because this week’s App of the Week can make your life a lot easier protecting it. AppLock, the application locking app (thats a lot of apps in one sentence, isn’t it?). Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t yet, please meet AppLock.  A full featured locking application which can

Updated Sep 18, 2016Apps

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t yet, please meet AppLock.  A full featured locking application which can help you protect your privacy by preventing others from seeing what’s on your device, unless you specifically approve so through entering your password or pattern.

Picture yourself the following situation, you are in a pub with your friends, and after drinking a few shots, one of your friends thinks it would be funny to write something silly on your behalf on your Facebook wall, without your notice. A minute later, everyone has a good laugh on your expense, but it would stop being funny once you wakeup in the morning after your mother calls you for explanations…

Can happen to all of us right? well not anymore, with AppLock it’s now time to get back at your friends while having the peace of mind that they can’t return you the “favor”. So what exactly can AppLock do?


AppLock’s highlight features

  • Protects any apps using password or pattern.
  • Vault – hide pictures and videos.
  • Automatic lock at given time or location.
  • Prevent apps from being uninstalled.
  • Lock incoming or outgoing calls.
  • Themes, Customize background, set your favorite photo.
  • more…

* For a full list of features, check out AppLock’s homepage, link provided above.  

As you can see, AppLock really is packed with features, but don’t let that intimidate you, since the app itself is still pretty lightweight and fast, the only issue I’ve encountered using it was a slow start right after the installation, but when it suddenly start working, it was already adjusted to my personal settings (recognized my apps, language, etc…).

Besides that, the app do exactly what you expect from it and nothing less nor more (like disturbing you with annoying notifications or such). The interface (as you can see above) is very straightforward and easy to use, adding to that all of the features mentioned above, you certainly get a great out-of the box experience from it.

If you’d like to try it, Download from google play.