How To Install SuperRepo Kodi Repository (With Screenshots)

A step by step guide on how you can install SuperRepo Kodi repository directly from your Kodi program.

Updated Mar 25, 2017How To's

[Update 25/03/17] Kodi version 17 and above users please see this guide: Install SuperRepo Repository on Kodi Version 17 And Above.

Before we begin, I’d like to mention that SR themselves has a fantastic guide of their own on how to install SuperRepo – so you’re more than welcome to check it as well.

Nevertheless, for convenience sake I’ve added a guide of my own which includes highlighted (red marked) areas to make it possible to install the repo just by looking at the images.

1. In Kodi, navigate to System (don’t click on it though, just stand on it and then) >> File manager, select Add source from the left side of the screen (on PCs you may need to double click it).

File manager Kodi

add source

2. Click on the text box that says <None> and type (using the on-screen keyboard) then click Done to the side of the keyboard.

Enter file source path

3. Next, click on the lower field and enter a name that will represent this source, I use SuperRepoAll for instance, then click Done.

Here’s how it’s supposed to look like:

Kodi Super Repo All source in file manager

Super Repo repository source in file manager

4. Now, go back to the main menu and navigate into System >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file, choose the source folder you’ve just added, e.g. SuperRepoAll (in my example).

kodi system

Enter Kodi’s system settings.

kodi addons

Enter kodi’s addons settings.

Install from zip (kodi 15 +)

Install from zip file.

Kodi install from zip - super repo

Go inside SuperRepo source.

5. Inside there, select the name corresponds to your Kodi version >> all >> select the zip file to install.

Kodi SuperRepo select Kodi version

Select the name which corresponds to your Kodi version.

Kodi install from zip - select SuperRepo repository which contains all

Select SuperRepo repository which contains all.

Kodi install from zip - select SuperRepo all zip

Select SuperRepo all zip to install.

That’s it! you can access the repository and explore its features by navigating (from homescreen) SYSTEM >> Add-ons >> Install from repository >> SuperRepo

Kodi SuperRepo - install from repository

After installing the repository, it will be listed inside “Install from repository” category.