Install 1Channel Kodi (XBMC) Addon and Watch Movies & TV-Shows Instantly

1Channel lets you watch movies, TV-Shows and media playlists directly through Kodi, whether it’s on a computer or embedded media-center, all is streamed instantly and fluently.

Updated Oct 7, 2016Addons

One of the best things about 1Channel addon is that the selection is huge, to get a sense of how enormous it is, you can navigate your browser into website (1Channel’s source) and see for yourself.

Another cool thing about 1Channel is that it’s so simple to install, it only takes a few steps to get it working, and here’s how you do it:

Install 1Channel Addon

1. Download the latest1Channel Kodi addon.

Download 1Channel

2. open-up Kodi and navigate into System >> Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file.

kodi system

Enter Kodi’s system settings

kodi addons

Enter Kodi’s addons settings

install from zip

3. Navigate into the location where you’ve downloaded 1Channel zip file and click on it to install!

1Channel-Master Zip

Accessing / Using 1Channel

To access and use 1Channel addon, simply navigate from the main menu into VIDEOS >> Video Add-ons (or select Add-ons shortcut as depicted in the image).

Kodi video addons

A shortcut to get inside Kodi’s video addons section

There you’ll see it waiting for you to explore its capabilities and enjoy…

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Peter Hayes Nov '15
I push 100mps and have no problems with kodi youtube THE BEAST one of the best you will get every thing you need in one place follow his walk though vidio how to set it up Enjoy
Nicola Lewis Aug '15
I have no idea what I'm doing. I recently installed Phoenix by using the program's tab on kodi. I have genesis also but there seems to be so much which is unavailable. I know people have been watching things on it but it seems unavailable to me. Ive recently added 1channel, yify and put locker the same way as Phoenix but none of them seem to have any of the streams available when I click on them? Help!!
Dan okellz May '15
mayne the best thing after life is this kodi business lol
Ricardo Macari Feb '15
Nice job! Thanks for the add-on install tutorial! Keep on the good work.