It Was Just A Matter Of Time: Popcorn Time For Adults – PornTime

The revolutionary app which brought us instant streaming of HD-quality content has now expanded to a new version which offers adult content.

Updated Sep 18, 2016Apps

If you haven’t heard about Popcorn-Time yet, perhaps it’s time that you do.

However, this post isn’t going to talk about the original Popcorn-Time project but about it’s new rendition called PornTime.

Warning: use only if you’ve reached the appropriate legal age in your country / place you currently resides.

Just like the original Popcorn-Time, P-Time (PornTime) will enable you to watch high quality contents streamed instantly to your device using Torrent / Magnet based technology.

Nevertheless, unlike the former, P-Time is all about streaming adult contents and not just any content found on torrent websites.

According to the project, which has just launched its first version, the reason behind making the app is as follows:

“Popcorn Time has been around for more than a year now, and my friends and I were waiting for someone to pick up this damn glove…

But seeing no one did, and after seeing many people asking for this in Popcorn Time’s social hubs, we said to our selves ‘Heck! Why don’t we give it a try??’  “

And that’s how P-Time was born.

Why PornTime?

In case you’re curious about the benefits of PornTime, here are some of the perks it provides:

  • Allows to watch Movies and TV-Series really easily – click on a content cover and watch straight away.
  • The movie collection contains only High-Definition movies available in either 720p or 1080p.
  • Choose quality – ability to select which quality of stream you’d like to download.
  • Torrent health indicator – tells you how quickly can the torrent be downloaded.
  • Custom Torrents and Magnet links – just drag and drop .torrent files to the application’s window or copy paste magnet links.
  • The app is free and open source.

If you wish to know more about what P-Time is capable of – it’s recommended that you visit the app’s help section by clicking the cogwheel at the top right side and then click the question mark icon at the top.

Download PornTime

PornTime is currently available for download on all three major operating system desktop platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Also, it is currently available for both iOS and Android as well.