Kodi Adds Plex Add-On To Official Repository, Streaming Is Now Easier

Media streaming software Plex is now available to install as an add-on from Kodi’s official repository.

Dec 15, 2016Addons
Plex add-on for Kodi

No more will you need to connect wires between your computer and your home theater set powered by Kodi in order to watch media that’s on your PC.

From now on you can simply install Plex which is one of the best software in that field and get access to your media directly from Kodi itself.

For those unfamiliar with it, Plex is a media server software that lets you stream media – i.e movies, music, photos, etc – across a wide selection of capable devices thus you can enjoy it wherever you go.

To use Plex you simply install it on a specific device, where the media you want to share across devices exists, then through a user friendly interface you can choose which media you want share and Plex will make it available for streaming.

Now, all that’s left is to connect to your Plex server from another device (Plex will guide you through it once you sign up) and start streaming.

The user interface of Plex add-on for Kodi remains similar to the one you would find on other Plex clients thus making it easier to navigate once you’re familiar with Plex itself – which is quite simple and intuitive on its own.

How To Install Plex On Kodi?

Easy, open up your Kodi and navigate into SYSTEM -> Add-ons -> Install from repository -> Kodi Add-on repository (should be there by default).

kodi system

Enter Kodi’s system settings

kodi add-ons

Enter Kodi add-ons settings

Then, go into Video add-ons -> find Plex and select it to install.

Plex inside Kodi's official repository

Plex inside Kodi’s official repository

Click to install Plex

Click to install Plex

To access the add-on, from home-screen, navigate into VIDEOS -> add-ons and enter Plex.

As mentioned above, you will need to sign up / into Plex in order to start using the service.

sign up to Plex

sign up to Plex