Install “lambda” Repository And Enjoy A Few More Great Kodi Addons

lambda repository will enhance your Kodi experience by supplying a few more addons, such as “Genesis”, “Yify Movies HD”, etc, and will take care of updating them for you. If you like watching movies, sports or listening to music streamed straight at your Kodi box then lambda is perhaps a must-have addon for you. By

Updated Sep 29, 2016Addons
lambda repo

If you like watching movies, sports or listening to music streamed straight at your Kodi box then lambda is perhaps a must-have addon for you.

By installing this lightweight repository you’ll get access to a few of the best Kodi addons out there, and the best part is, lambda will take care of the updates for you.

So what addons does lambda contain? here’s the list as of current:

lambda Addons List

  • Extreme Sports
  • Football Today
  • Genesis
  • Hellenic TV (greek audience)
  • I Wanna Watch
  • Much Movies HD
  • NBA On-demand
  • NHL On-demand
  • Ororo TV
  • Viooz
  • Yify Movies HD

Not too many but highly respected list of addons. Remember, sometimes it’s not the quantity but quality that matters.

How To Install?

You can install lambda repository directly – the same way you’d install any other addon or a repository.

Or, you can use iWillFolo repository which has now incorporated lambda repository inside it.

Install Directly

To install lambda repository directly, simply follow these 2 steps:

1. Download the following Zip file:


2. Enter Kodi and go to: System >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file, navigate into the folder where you’ve downloaded the zip (through the right pane menu) and select it to install.

kodi system

kodi addons

Install from zip (kodi 15 +)

To Access The Repository

Go into System >> Add-ons >> Install from repository (on Kodi versions lower than 15 its: Get Add-ons) >> lambda Add-on repository and select whichever addon you like to enable.

Install Via Repository

To install lambda solely through Kodi’s interface, we will use SuperRepo repository.

If you haven’t got SR installed yet, here’s how you get SuperRepo.

1. Once you have SR, simply navigate into SYSTEM >> Add-ons >> Install from repository.

kodi system

Enter Kodi’s system settings.

kodi add-ons

Enter Kodi add-ons settings.

Kodi install from repository

Kodi install from repository

2. Open SuperRepo All [YOUR-VERSION] >> Add-on repository >> install lambda Add-on repository from there.

Kodi SuperRepo - install from repository

SuperRepo repository listed inside “Install from repository”.

SuperRepo install from addon repository

Install from SuperRepo addon repository.

SuperRepo install lambda repository

Install lambda repository

3. Lastly, return to Install from repository screen (see step 1) and go into lambda Add-on repository >> Video add-ons >> install whatever add-on you like.

Install from repository: lambda add-on repository

Go into lambda add-on repository

Kodi addon - video addons

Enter video addons

lambda repository addons

lambda repository addons

That’s it, the video addons you install will be inside VIDEOS > Video Add-ons which you can navigate into via the home screen.

Enjoy :)