Kodi And VPN Go Hand In Hand

Using Kodi together with a VPN can make your online experience smoother and safer.

Updated Apr 1, 2017Editorials

From time to time I get questions from Kodi users asking me: ‘How can I keep my privacy when using Kodi online?’ Or, ‘what do I do when a certain content I want to watch is blocked?’

The following solution should answer both questions

Why Use A VPN?

Imagine you currently reside, let’s say, in Canada or the UK and you wish to view some content which is restricted to USA only. (websites can do that by using Geo-blocking* methods)

In any normal case scenario, that content will be off limits for you until someone in your country will buy the broadcasting rights.

Yet relying on that to happen every time you simply want to watch a TV-show or a movie would be equal to finding a dollar on the street almost every time you leave your house – unfortunately, you’re just not that lucky.

Nonetheless there is a solution not many are well acquainted with that can solve your problem instantly, it’s called VPN.

VPN – is a virtual private network which may enable users to disguise their online activity and appear to be in another virtual location.

The Advantages Of Using A VPN Are:

  • A VPN can encrypt your online activity thus keeping you safer online.
  • A VPN can mask your IP thus helping you stay anonymous online.
  • A VPN can overcome geo-blocking limits imposed by websites and governments.
  • A VPN can bypass time-limits imposed by websites and internet providers.

So the general message here is that if you suffer from IP based blocks or wish to keep your privacy, protecting yourself from data theft as much as possible while online – a VPN is perhaps the most efficient way to go about it.

Of course, it’s important to mention that although the article generally refers to Kodi users, the advantages mentioned above apply system-wide (unless configured otherwise) thus browsing via your web browser will hold the same benefits as well.

In the same breath, another thing which must be mentioned is that keeping you safe and anonymous online also means that you sacrifice a bit of your browsing speed as encrypting and routing your data through another party means more computing work than without it.

That said though, in most cases the difference is quite negligible and may be unnoticed.

How To Use A VPN?

Setting up a VPN is an individual experience depending on the one you choose.

Most will offer an automatic installer that will handle all the techy stuff for you, but using a manual and setting it up yourself is usually commonly available too.

Once you have it on, it is applied system-wide thus you can start Kodi or browse the net without any need of additional efforts.

A VPN I personally tested and can attest for is IPVanish VPN. They have a zero-log policy** and the fastest VPN speeds available.

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Have a safe browsing.


*Geo-blocking – is a form of Internet censorship where access to content is restricted based upon the user’s geographical location.

**Zero-log policy – The VPN provider does not keep track of your online activity once connected to the VPN