Meet California, a new calendar app for Linux

Yorba is the software group standing behind a couple of successful Linux apps such as, Shotwell photo manager and Geary email client, are they on their way to make yet another one?

Updated Sep 18, 2016News

Recently announced by the group’s executive director, Jim Nelson, a new project Yorba is now working on is called California, a new standalone calendar application for GNOME 3 desktop environment based on Vala programming language.

According to Nelson, the new calendar is going to be developed by the same philosophical principles in mind such as those Geary is based upon, which means it’s going to be “simple to set up, quick and easy to use, focused on its particular task but flexible for each person’s workflow.”

The app is currently a work in progress, and there are still a lot of features missing in it right now, however the basic layout has already been laid (as can be seen by the image* below) and the underlying technology has also been decided upon.

Just like many other Gnome intended applications, California has its own homepage hosted by the GNOME project, which you can use to find out more information about the app as well as reporting bugs or even discuss the application’s current state and future via the California mailing lists link.

Unfortunately, The app is not yet ready for download and installation (unless you are a developer), but hopefully it will be available soon.

California calendar

 * Image taken from the announcement post