App-Look: Office Worker Revenge 3D

Tired of your office boss and colleagues at work? do you feel as if they treat you unjustly or do you wrongs? it’s time to take revenge and settle the score among you!

Updated Sep 30, 2016Apps
Office Worker Revenge

If you feel a little stressed at work, then it might be a good idea to vent with some 3D action game. OWR app might help you release some steam and have fun in a non-harming way of course.

Office Worker Revenge Gameplay

It’s basically very simple: smash, hit and destroy whatever you can without getting killed, do it within a certain time limit.

  • Hitting colleagues will reward you with money
  • Use the money to buy better weapons at the store
  • Smashing office equipment will yield life potions
  • Level up as you advances in stages

Sounds fun doesn’t it? but you know what they say, one picture can be worth a thousand words so check out this short video to see what the game looks like:


Looks cool and work pretty well, however there’s one thing I’ve noticed that still needs some work and that’s the English grammar of the developers (I guess), for example –

Check out the name of the game (mentioned in the article title) in contrast notice what it says in the image below, do you see any difference?

Yeah, it’s funny but it doesn’t detracts from the game experience.

Download & Install

The game is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be installed via the respective following links:  iOS, Android.

Have fun and remember: although it’s a refreshing, funny game to play especially at times when you’ve cultivated some frustration at work, I’m not entirely sure I’d suggest recommending it to your boss though. :P