Party’s Over: Another 3rd-party Kodi Addon Repository Goes Offline, Developer Quits

Prominent 3rd-party Kodi addons developer – MetalKettle – quits after increase in prosecutions by media and copyrights organizations.

Aug 31, 2017News
MetalKettle quits

Ensuing the turmoil over TVAddons temporary shut-down together with Navi-X‘s, apparently, permanent shut-down, another highly regarded repository and perhaps more importantly an addon developer leaves the Kodi scene.

In what seems to be a wave of attacks by various media companies throughout the western hemisphere, lawsuits are being filed evermore eagerly since the beginning of the year, and 3rd-party Kodi addon developers have to rethink their future.

In a quote from his Twitter account, MetalKettle, the developer some of you might know by using his MetalKettle repository or one of his addons such as Sports Mix for instance, said the following:

“Over the past year or so Kodi has become more mainstream and public we’ve all seen the actions of others become highlighted legally, with authorities determined to target 3rd party addons making traction. This has eventually caused me to consider ‘what if?’ – the result of which never ends well in my mind,”

“With all this said I have decided to actively give up 3rd party addon development (at least for the time being) and concentrate on being a husband and father.”

What may be the cause that set everything ablaze all of a sudden, could be attributed to a new law passed by the UK parliament earlier this year that enables up to 10 years of imprisonment for distributors of copyrights infringing materials.

In anyway, be the reason what it may be, it seems quite clear that the rules of the game have changed, and the entire Kodi community which loses greatly from the change, should adapt to the new reality. Otherwise, this could be its downfall.