How To Install Genesis Kodi Addon (with screenshots)

Updated Feb 15, 2018Addons
Genesis Kodi Addon

A Few Tips Regarding Genesis Settings

As you may know, accessing Genesis is done by navigating from the main menu into VIDEOS >> Video Add-ons, there you’ll see it waiting for you to explore its capabilities and enjoy it.

However, before you do so, there are a few settings you might want to enable first:

Go into VIDEOS >> Video Add-ons and right-click the addon > select Add-on settings >> go into the Playback tab and enable all settings that has “Auto-play” inside them.

Genesis settings

Genesis Auto-play

This will allow Genesis to automatically play the video stream based on priority level which is defined in HD / SD Hosts tabs, so you may want to configure these as well if you know what you’re doing, if not leave as is.

Another thing you may want to enable just before using the addon is subtitles support, go to the rightmost tab and click to Enable subtitles, don’t forget to choose your language too.

Genesis subtitles