Quick Fix: Install Popcorn Time on 64-bit Linux

Having troubles making Popcorn Time work on a 64-bit Linux box? No problem, here’s how you can easily fix that up.

Updated Sep 29, 2016Quick Fix
Popcorn-Time fixed

It was just yesterday when I’ve posted a new article in praise of open source film-streaming app called Popcorn Time. However, it has reached my understanding that some folks who’ve been trying to get the app to work on their machines have encountered a little trouble along the way.

Upon trying to open the app on their machines, the users who experienced the issue saw an error which complains about the lacking of libudev.so.0 file inside their distros.

So, as it turns out, the problem lies in the fact that all users who has this issue are all running 64-bit based distros, and have no need for this file in their system.

The Fix

While there are many different kind of ways to deal with this problem, here’s what I found to be the most correct, and simple to do solution.

To fix the error, open up your Terminal emulator and navigate into the folder where you extracted Popcorn Time to, in the following example, I assume that its inside ‘Downlods’ folder:

cd /home/<YOUR-USER-NAME>/Downloads/Popcorn-Time

Then, copy paste the following into the command line:

sed -i ‘s/x75x64x65x76x2Ex73x6Fx2Ex30/x75x64x65x76x2Ex73x6Fx2Ex31/g’ Popcorn-Time

popcorn time fix-terminal

The current solution is made possible thanks to “The solution of lacking libudev.so.0” on Github. In case you’re interested in downloading and building Popcorn Time from source, its currently also available on Github under isra17/popcorn-app.