Install Navi-X And Enjoy Live Television, Movies & TV-Shows Instantly, For Free! [updated]

Updated Jun 15, 2017Addons
Navi-x screenshot

Bonus: Install On Showtime Media Center

To install Navi-X on Showtime media center, all you need to do is go inside Apps >> Browse available apps >> find Navi-X on the list and click to install. (Navi-X comes with the default Showtime available apps)

Showtime Navi-X

Since Navi-X has a lot to offer, it’s quite easy to get a bit lost inside its interface, hence here’s a brief tutorial, accompanied by helpful images, on how to find your way around it:

To access Navi-X in Kodi, simply navigate from the main menu (home-screen) into VIDEOS >> Video Add-ons, there you’ll find it > click to enter.

video addons navi-x

Next you’ll see the following screens which represents the addon home-screen and its portal respectively.

navi-x home screen

navi-x portal

Click on the Navi-Xtreme Portal to access its content and inside there choose one of the sorting categories, for instance: Most-viewed 7 days. (almost done)