Kodi Version 18 Gets Named After A Favored Star Wars Character

Team Kodi announces the code name for the 18th version of the popular media center, making a tribute to one of the team’s favorite Star Wars characters.

Updated May 17, 2017News
Kodi 18 Star Wars code-named

The upcoming version of Kodi, code-named “Krypton“, is currently in its final stages before being declared stable and released to the public and already team Kodi began making the preparations for the version after next.

Usually, when a new Kodi version is being developed the team picks a new code name after scoping through suggestion threads, gathering together the top 5 or top 10 suggestions, and then voting on them.

However, this time around it was different. Or, as team Kodi puts it: “and then 2016 happened”!

The year of 2016 marked the passing away of a person who was very near and dear to the hearts of Kodi team. A person many people know as well.

That person, you might have guessed by now, is Carrie Fisher which assumed the role of princess Leia – a leading character in the epic Star Wars saga.

In honor of the late actress and as a tribute to her it was therefore decided to name the 18th version of Kodi after the character many of Kodi team members grew up on – “Leia“.

“It hurts our hearts to have lost a great woman and actress and, with her, the character she portrayed, the princess we grew up with. It feels fitting, then, to announce that Kodi 18 will be named ‘Leia’ in honor of the late Carrie Fisher, as a tribute to one of the characters that defined an industry, and as a celebration of the whole Star Wars universe.”

Being the daughter of the one who brought balance to the force, perhaps, Kodi “Leia” will have a similar effect. Especially since Kodi 17 is designated to bring serious overhaul both to the UI and web interface of the software.